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 <Comment & Suggestion for our guild> post here ^^

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~The Ensemble~

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PostSubject: <Comment & Suggestion for our guild> post here ^^   Thu Jul 16, 2009 8:59 am

Since kaze is very busy with his job, I'll try to help a little so that our guild can get better in the future =P.
1.First of all I'm suggesting that we hav rank in guild so its easier to differentiate he/she is a new member to guild or not. And also he/she need salary or not =P. Abt this salary, its voluntary as far as i know some ppl dun need salary here is the list. U can tell me or vincent that u dont need salary so that we can recruit more ppl and add u to higher rank ^^. Because 1 ppl say dont need salary means we can get 1 new recruit ^__^
a. Grudgez/Rage
b. Vincent
c. Goose
d. Kaze
e. Trimar
f. Tejas008 (happy? ahaha) ^__^

2.Second some ppl are complaining to me that ppl from our guild is KS-ing(kill steal) when MVP hunting. So I'think we need to put this in guild notice, to prevent for this to happen. If u want to ks dun use ur main char LOL??? This might help to clean up our guild names ^^, ppl can tell its from our guild coz we have unique guild logo that r easy to notice. Plus its a quite cool logo.

3.And last one if u want to suggest recruit new ppl, pls at least u already be friend in game. I think it doesn't hav to be with lds/elites set. Most important is new ppl that aren't "SALARY" oriented =D. Ok this might help alil, some tips from me =P.
a. Be friend and helpfull, if u do this some might ask "can i join ur guild?" XD
b. Then tell them, our gm os offline I can't invite XD, add to ur friendlist for like 2-3 days. And ask kaze/vincent/me abt this guy if u think he will be loyal. ^^
c. Tell them we dun hav salary LOL, if they still want to join its ok (most important he's active). If already been invited we can tell them that we give salary 5rb W/L on last woe only. Be there. If they cant join at least tell any guild members why they cant WOE on that day ^^.
d. Most of all, ENGLISH SPEAKING PLS, at least they try to =P. COz we need more active,friendly,nice,fun, and "gay people" Joke =P.

That's all,abt this rank I'll try to think of something. I will add later.[b]
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<Comment & Suggestion for our guild> post here ^^
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