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 update from xile ro at july

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~The Ensemble~
~The Ensemble~

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PostSubject: update from xile ro at july   Mon Jul 20, 2009 8:53 am


The XileRO team, along with other helpful players worked together to
balance the skills of each class. Everyone is welcome to suggest at the Suggestions section! In-game updates are done once in every two weeks.

Here are the following updates on skills per class:

[I] Swordsman
A) Lord Knight
1. Head Crush Range shortened to 3 cells.
2. Berserker Rage now only gives x2 Maximum HP.
3. Spear boomerang delay decreased.
B) Paladin
1. Smite nerfed down to 1 cell cast range, 5 seconds delay, 6 cells push back.
2. Shrink can only knock back normal attacks.
3. Guard Skills+Heal can no longer be spammed.
[II] Thief
A) Rogue
1. Stalkers can no longer use Soul Burn
[III] Archer
A) Hunter
1. Traps will hit enemies all the time.
2. Freezing Trap chance increased, from 30% to 60%.
3. Lowered Freeze Trap damage.
B) Bard/Dancer
1. Improved Melody Strike damage
2. Improved Assassin Cross of Sunset bonus (can almost give max aspd for no agi players)
3. Improved Hip Shaker's damage to SP
[IV] Magician
A) Wizard
1. Ice Wall can be used, though you can only use it once for tactical purposes
[V] Acolyte
A) Priest
1. Heal in general: They can heal themselves only at a maximum of 15000 points, however, they can heal others normally for supportive purposes.
2. Basilica removed permanently.
3. Kyrie can no longer block asura.
4. You can only cast three Pneuma instances.
[VI] Merchant
A) Blacksmith
1. Weapon Perfection - Buffs the party members 20% chance to ignore the elemental property of the enemy.
- Gives the Whitesmiths/Blacksmiths up to 50% defense pierce depending on the level and refinement of the weapon. A +10 Godly Reaper will ignore 50% defense as long as Weapon Perfection is being used.
Update: It only works w/Cart Termination. Other skills like Mammonite/Throw Tomahawk will not benefit from the defense pierce.
2. Greed - Prevents you from being knocked back, though it will reduce your movespeed greatly. Any speed buff/debuff won't work against it.
3. Mammonite - If combined with the meltdown buff, you can break the opponent's shield, but not the armor and weapon.
4. Godly Reaper - Now a one-hand Axe.
5. Unfair trick will remove zeny cost of Cart Termination.
6. Thow Tomahawk can be learned by Whitesmiths. It requires level 10 Cart Termination.
B) Alchemist
1. Reduced Bio Cannibalized Plants' HP down to 11~15k.
2. Acid Demonstration no longer break armor and weapon.
3. Acid Terror damage buffed, but decreased chance of breaking armor.
4. Demonstration/Bomb skill can be cast 15 times at a single cell.
5. There is now an FP indicator (you will know if your opponents are using FP) when using item breaking/stripping skills.
6. Lowered Acid Terror delay.
7. Bomb is now a 4 cell ranged melee attack.
[VII] Misc Classes
A) Ninja
1. Shadow Jump now has a delay in every use.
2. Todo: If you jump to that black area of the map, you'll be automatically killed and warped to culvert level 4.
A) 3v3/5manFFA/CTF
1. Todo: Randomized anti-bot algorithm to prevent automated registration.

Please post your feedback, and if there are bugs from this update, please report them immediately. Thank you!
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Banned Pally

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PostSubject: Re: update from xile ro at july   Sun Jul 26, 2009 5:03 am

i hate that 5seconds on smite
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update from xile ro at july
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